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KISS Grammar Exercises Based on
Introductory Lessons in English Grammar For Use in Intermediate Grades
By Wm. H. Maxwell, M.A.
L1.1 # 21
21. Personal Pronouns
Person, Number, Case, and Tense

1. Over each personal pronoun write its person, number, and case. Draw an arrow to the antecedent of each. (If you canot find an antecedent, put a question mark over it.)
2. Over each verb, write its tense (Present, Past, Future).

1. I stood on the bridge as you sailed under it.

2. Let us tread lightly and take our places without saying a word.

3. O, what are you doing, my baby

    O, what are you doing, I pray?

4. When my ship comes in from over the sea,

    Such wonderful things it will bring to me!

5. They climb up into my turret,

         Oer the arms and back of my chair;

    If I try to escape, they surround me;

        They seem to be everywhere. Longfellow.