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L1.1 # 34
Identifying Tenses
KISS Grammar Exercises Based on
Introductory Lessons in English Grammar
By Wm. H. Maxwell, M.A.
Little Dipper
S. Deaville
Directions: After each sentence, write the tense of the verb (“past,” “present,” or “future”). 

1. I write at school. _______________

2. He was walking in the park. _______________

3. Will you be going to the store? _______________

4. I am sorry about that. _______________

5. Had he been sick? _______________

6. I am going away. _______________

7. The bird flew above the house. _______________

8. The wind is whistling through the trees. _______________

9. Will you go to the ballgame? _______________

10. We shall be late for the movie. _______________