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KISS Grammar Exercises Based on
Introductory Lessons in English Grammar For Use in Intermediate Grades
By Wm. H. Maxwell, M.A.
L1.1 # 39
Identifying Tenses
Directions: After each sentence, write the tense of the verb (“past,” “present,” or “future”). 

1. When did Columbus discover America? _______________

2. Why did you neglect the opportunity?  _______________

3. They boy has been skating. _______________

4. We shall have traveled twenty miles before night. _______________

5. Where shall we spend our vacation? _______________

6. I do not know. _______________

7. On vacation in Arizona we will sit and watch the meteors. _______________

8. We had been working hard and were very hungry. _______________

9. In the afternoon we read and spell, and draw pictures on our slates. 


10. He read a poem very well, and spelled a difficult word. _______________