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KISS Grammar Exercises Based on
Introductory Lessons in English Grammar For Use in Intermediate Grades
By Wm. H. Maxwell, M.A.
L1.6 # 1
Punctuating Sentences

1. Use a period, question mark, or exclamation point to punctuate the following sentences.
2. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
3. Underline every subject once, every verb twice, and label complements.

1. Does your son attend school regularly

2. Always study your lessons carefully

3. There is no finer sport than skating

4. May John be excused from the room

5. Do not be discouraged by failure

6. Are you always obedient to your teacher

7. Fairy stories are very pleasant reading

8. Come along to the woods for nuts

9. Did he fall into the river

10. Do not go with John

11. Spring is the most pleasant season

12. Will you not go with us tomorrow

13. The teacher sent a letter to your father

14. There are many lions found in Africa

15. Do not be afraid of the wind and storm