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KISS Grammar Exercises Based on
Introductory Lessons in English Grammar For Use in Intermediate Grades
By Wm. H. Maxwell, M.A.

L1.6 # 1 Punctuating Sentences

Note that where one uses an exclamation point as opposed to a period is sometimes just a matter of intended tone and emphasis. Thus some of the periods below could be exclamation points, and some exclamation points could be periods.

1. Does your son attend school (DO) regularly? |

2. *You* [#1] Always study your lessons (DO) carefully. |

3. There [#2] is no finer sport (PN) {than skating} [#3] ! |

4. May John be excused (P) {from the room}? |

5. *You* [#1] Do not be discouraged (P) {by failure}! |

6. Are you always obedient (PA) {to your teacher}? |

7. Fairy stories are very pleasant reading (PN) [#4]. |

8. *You* [#1] Come along {to the woods} {for nuts}. |

9. Did he fall {into the river}? |

10. *You* [#1] Do not go {with John}! |

11. Spring is the most pleasant season (PN). |

12. Will you not go {with us} tomorrow? |

13. The teacher sent a letter (DO) {to your father} (IO) [#5]. |

14. There [#2] are many lions (PN) found [#6] {in Africa}. |

15. *You* [#1] Do not be afraid (PA) {of the wind and storm}. |

1. Expect some students to be confused by this -- Understood "You" is the focus of KISS Level 2.1.1.
2. For an alternative explanation, see KISS Level 2.1.3 - Expletives (Optional).
3. "Skating" is a verbal, a verb that, in this case, functions as a noun. For more on verbals, see KISS Level 4 - Verbals (Gerunds, Gerundives, & Infinitives).
4. Grammarians would have a number of explanations for "reading." I would simply accept it as a predicate noun from those students who see it this way. Perhaps a more consistent explanation would be to see is as an adjective to an ellipsed "materials," thereby making "materials" the predicate noun.
5. Alternatively, "to your father" can be viewed as an adverb.
6. "Found" is a verbal (gerundive) that functions as an adjective to "lions."