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The Logic 
of Adjectives and Adverbs
Exercise 3 adapted from
The Mother Tongue, Book II
by George Kittredge and Sarah Arnold
Boston, Ginn & Company, 1903,  49ff.
Leaving School
c. 1847-48
Honoré Daumier

Directions: On separate paper, write the number of the word, whether the word functions as an adjective or adverb, the word it modifies, its logical category, and the question that it answers. Note that for this perspective, the logical category of all adjectives is "identity."

1. The starving [1] man then [2] ate greedily [3].

2. The three [4] men plodded wearily [5] back [6] to their old [7] shack.

3. Mary explained her [8] problem very [9] clearly [10].

4. Jessica's [11] big [12] brown [13] eyes barely [14] saw the bird slowly [15] move.

5. Bobby ran away [16] so [17] fast [18] that his [19] father did not [20] see him.