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American Gothic
Grant Wood
Pronouns as Predicate Nouns
Adapted from
The New College Grammar
by Mason Long. 
New York: The Ronald Press Company, 1935
1. Put parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
2. Underline every subject once and every finite verb twice, and label complements.
3. Circle the correct pronoun for formal writing.

1. It is (we or us).

2. Wasn't it (they or them)?

3. Between you and (me or I), this plan will not work.

4. Is it (I or me) that you addressed, or ( he or him) ?

5. It must be you or (they or them) that I saw.

6. They took us to be (them or they) .

7. Was it (we or us) you desired to see, or (she or her)?

8. They may not permit you and (we or us) to vote.

9. Are you as old as (he or him)?

10. She likes this story as well as ( I or me).

11. She likes the flower better than (I or me).

12. Would you not like to be (she or her) ?