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(Code and Color Key)

Is It a Sentence?
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key 

Note that KISS Analysis Keys include the complete analysis of sentences. 

1. Tom lives {in the mountains}. |

2. The squirrel up the tree

3. The boat down the river

4. I saw the elephant (DO). |

5. Rose studied her lesson (DO). |

6. Food everywhere

7. I hear sweet music (DO). |

8. The Scouts built a fire (DO). |

9. Flying a kite

10. The poems of Joyce Kilmer

11. The book in the library

12. Several boys helped him (IO). |

13. They keep the streets clean [#1] . |

14. Along the muddy road

15. The fire engines whizzed by. |

16. To write a book

17. James good manners

18. George did the work (DO). |

19. Mary caught a fish (DO). |

20. Tom playing baseball

1. The KISS explanation of this is that "streets" is the subject and "clean" is a predicate adjective in an ellipsed infinitive (verbal) phrase -- "the streets *to be* clean." The infinitive phrase functions as the direct object of "kept." See KISS Level 4