The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Prepositional Phrases
of Time and Space
Adapted from
Voyages in English - Fifth Year
by Rev. Paul E. Campbell 
and Sister Mary Donatus MacNickle
John Constable

Directions: Rewrite each of the following sentences by adding at least two prepositional phrases. One phrase should indicate time (when or how long something happened), and the other should indicate place (where, or to or from where, something happened).

1. Bill rode his bicycle.

2. Airplanes travel.

3. We left at the appointed hour.

4. The girl wore a dark blue uniform.

5. The bird flew.

6. Sam broke his leg.

7. The band practices.

8. A storm with strong winds arose.

9. The water trickled over the rocks.

10. The Scouts sat around the campfire.