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Rewriting Adjectives and Adverbs
as Prepositional Phrases
Ex. 4 Adapted from
Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

Suggestion: Have the students discuss any differences of meaning that they sense in the two versions. For example, in # 10, "American poet" suggests nationality, whereas "poet of America" implies that he wrote about (and somehow captured the nature of) America.

1. The wind blew violently. |

The wind blew with violence.
2. Edward answered politely. |
Edward answered in a polite way. or "with politeness"
3. Rita dances gracefully. |
Rita dances with grace.
4. He speaks truthfully. |
He speaks in truth.
5. The waves dashed furiously. |
The waves dashed in fury.
6. A brick wall surrounds the yard (DO). |
A wall of brick surrounds the yard.
7. The Aronsons' yard is beautiful (PA). |
The yard of the Aronsons  is beautiful.
8. Important business delayed the messenger (DO). |
Business of importance delayed the messenger.
9. Robert painted a beautiful picture (DO). |
Robert painted a picture of beauty.
10. Robert Frost was an American poet (PN). |
Robert Frost was a poet of America.