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(Code and Color Key)

Apostrophes to Show Possession (#1)
Adapted from
Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. Women's shoes are sold (P) here. | Shoes for women

2. The child's balloon burst. | The balloon of the child

3. Have you seen Frederick's new coat (DO)? | the coat that belongs to Frederick

4. Mary's hat is brown (PA). | The hat that belongs to Mary

5. These are Paul's uniforms (PN). | the uniforms of Paul

6. What is your brother's name (PN)? | the name of your brother

7. The children's skates are {on the porch}. | the skates of the children

8. The boy's / boys' books are {in their desks}. | the books of the boy (or boys)

9. Where is Henry's sweater? | the sweater that belongs to Henry

10. Those girls' names are very short (PA). | the names of those girls

11. The boy's / boys' hats are new (PA). | the hats of the boy (or boys)

12. Are those Bill's pictures (PN) {from his vacation}? | the pictures of Bill --but note the difference in meaning; the pictures that belong to Bill

13. We saw all (DO) {of the museum's / museums' pictures}. | the pictures of the museum (or museums)

14. Sam gave Sarah (IO) Shirley's shoes (DO). | the shoes that belongs to Shirley

15. They found Anthony's ball (DO) {near the river}. | the ball that belongs to Anthony