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(Code and Color Key)

Apostrophes to Show Possession (#2)
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. I purchased two pairs (DO) {of women's gloves}. | of gloves for women

2. The player's / players' uniforms are red (PA). | the uniforms of the player (players)

3. Adults' tickets cost fifty cents (DO) [#1]. | the tickets for adults

4. Gertrude's ring is beautiful (PA). | the ring of Gertrude

5. He is calling John's dog (DO). | the dog that belongs to John

6. She found Bernard's watch (DO). | the watch of Bernard

7. The soldier's / soldiers' shoes are shined (PA) [#2]. | the shoes of the soldier (soldiers)

8. Men's suits are pressed (P) here. | The suits of men

9. Elizabeth's lessons are always well prepared (P). | The lessons of Elizabeth

10. Ladies' hats may be checked (P) here. | The hats of ladies

11. The baby's toys are {in that box}. | the toys that belong to the baby

12. May I use Anthony's new bat (DO)? | the new bat of Anthony

13. The children's voices could be heard (P) {in the distance}. | The voices of the children

14. The boys' choir will sing tonight. | The choir of the boys

15. Her uncle's house has just been painted (P). | The house of her uncle

1. If one sees "fifty cents" as answering the question "How much?" rather than "What?" then "cents" is a noun used as an adverb.
2. "Shined" could also be explained as part of the (passive)  finite verb phrase. See KISS Level 5.7 - Passive Voice and Retained Complements.