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(Code and Color Key)

Capitalization (#3)
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. Prof. Joseph M. Wachtel teaches history (DO). |

2. Santa Fe is the capital (PN) {of New Mexico}. |

3. *You* Remember the saying (DO) {of Benjamin Franklin}, [ [#1] "The early

bird catches the worm (DO)."] |

4. "Whistling Boy" is the name (PN) {of a picture} painted [#2] {by Duveneck}. |

5. Betsy Ross lived {on Arch Street} {in Philadelphia}. |

6. I am {in the fifth grade} {of George F. Johnson School}. |

7. A large donation was given (P) {by Mrs. P. L. Sullivan}. |

8. Col. Leonard Wood was the commander (PN) {of the "Rough Riders."} |

9. Dr. F. A. Taylor lives {in Louisville, Kentucky}. |

10. {In "October's Bright Blue Weather"} the poet describes the month (DO)

{of October}. |

1. This clause is an appositive to "saying."
2. "Painted" is a verbal (gerundive) that modifies "picture."