The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
The Dance Examination
c. 1880
Edgar Degas
Capitalization (#4)
Adapted from
Voyages in English - Fifth Year
by Rev. Paul E. Campbell 
and Sister Mary Donatus MacNickle
1. Fix the following sentences, replacing small letters with capital letters where needed.
2. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
3. Underline every verb twice, its subject(s) once, and label any complements ("PA," "PN," "IO," or "DO").

1. rhode island is the smallest state in the united states.

2. on the card was printed, john l. donahue, m. d.

3. labor day is the first monday of september.

4. this letter came from ms. mildred l. flanagan.

5. little men was written by the author of little women.

6. mrs. j. f. mayer lives at 792 maple avenue, davenport, iowa.

7. roosevelt dam is in arizona.

8. ella sheehan lives on ritner avenue.

9. the class sang "america the beautiful."

10. robinson crusoe is the story of a man's adventures on a desert island.