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(Code and Color Key)

Capitalization (#4)
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. Rhode Island is the smallest state (PN) {in the United States}. |

2. {On the card} was printed (P) , John L. Donahue, M. D. |

3. Labor Day is the first Monday (PN) {of September}. |

4. This letter came {from Ms. Mildred L. Flanagan}. |

5. Little Men was written (P) {by the author} {of Little Women}. |

6. Mrs. J. F. Mayer lives {at 792 Maple Avenue, Davenport, Iowa} [#1] . |

7. Roosevelt Dam is {in Arizona}. |

8. Ella Sheehan lives {on Ritner Avenue}. |

9. The class sang "America the Beautiful." (DO) |

10. Robinson Crusoe is the story (PN) {of a man's adventures} {on a desert island}. |

1. In place names that include city and state (or country), KISS, for the sake of simplicity, considers them a single unit. The alternative requires additional explanation through ellipsis. In this case, "Maple Avenue *in* Davenport, *which is in* Iowa." That explanation is always the same, so it seems silly to require students to make it every time.