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Capitalization (#5)
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. [DO "Do you hear those footsteps (DO)?"] whispered Patricia. | [#1]

2. The Ohio River is a branch (PN) {of the Mississippi River}. |

3. Boston is the chief port (PN) {of Massachusetts}. |

4. The Union Pacific Railroad was completed (P) {on May 10, 1869} [#2]. |

5. Canada is the largest country (PN) {in North America}. |

6. We purchased Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, (DO) {by Lewis Carroll}. |

7. J. J. Pershing was a graduate (PN) {of West Point}. |

8. Yes, my father is a Democrat (PN). |

9. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds (DO) {at the concert}. |

10. The scenery {along Lake George} is very beautiful (PA). |

1. Alternatively, the "hear" clause can be considered the main clause and the "whispered" clause can be described as an interjection. See KISS Level 3.2.3 - Interjection? Or Direct Object?
2. As with cities and states, KISS considers the dates as a unit instead of always having to explain an ellipsed "in" or "of"-- May 10 *in* 1869.