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(Code and Color Key)

Capitalization (#6)
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. The title {of my composition} is "Fun {in the School Yard}." (PN) |

2. William H. Taft held the two highest public offices (DO) {in our country}. |

3. John said, [DO "Margaret has gone {on a hike}."] |

4. Slavery was introduced (P) {into Virginia} {in 1619}. |

5. The poem "The Red, White, and Blue" [#1] explains the meaning (DO)

{of the colors} {of our flag}. |

6. The story {of a shipwrecked family} is told (P) {in The Swiss Family Robinson}. |

7. Who was Captain Oliver Perry (PN)? |

8. The prescription was signed (P) "Joseph Stevens, M. D." [NuA] |

9. I expect to leave [#2] {for the West} {on the First} {of June}. |

10. October Twelfth is Columbus Day (PN). |

1. The title of the poem is an appositive to "poem." See KISS Level 5.4 - Appositives.
2. The verbal (infinitive) "to leave" functions as the direct object of "expect."