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Commas in Addresses and Dates
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

     Technically, we could explain the later parts of an address as reduced subordinate clauses -- "San Francisco, *which is in* California." Similarly, with dates, we could explain the year as an ellipsed prepositional phrase -- "July 16, *in (or) of* 1934.) Such technicality, however, is probably not worth the trouble in discussing every sentence.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has one (DO) {of the most beautiful harbors} {in the

world} [#1]. |

2. Abraham Lincoln was shot (P) {in Washington, D. C.}, {by John Wilkes Booth}

{on April 14, 1865}. |

3. New Orleans, Louisiana, has many sugar refineries (DO). |

4. George Washington was inaugurated (P) {on April 30, 1789}. |

5. Thomas Edison lived {in Menlo, Park New Jersey}. |

6. Boston, Massachusetts, manufactures many shoes (DO). |

7. The naval stores will be shipped (P) {from Savannah, Georgia}, {on April 26, 2010}. |

8. Many railroads pass {through Birmingham, Alabama}. |

9. The Clermont made its first successful trip (DO) {on August 17, 1807}. |

10. We visited Santa Barbara, California, (DO) {in December, 1986}. |

1. The "in the world" phrase modifies "most" in the preceding phrase.