The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
(Code and Color Key)

Commas in a Series
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. Some truck farms produce corn (DO), potatoes (DO), tomatoes (DO), and carrots (DO). |

2. Milk, butter, and cheese are dairy products (PN). |

3. Oak, walnut, poplar, and maple are hardwood trees (PN). |

4. New Orleans, Houston, Galveston, and Savannah are important cotton

markets (PN). |

5. The Wise Men offered gold (DO), frankincense (DO), and myrrh (DO). |

6. Apple, peach, plum, and cherry trees bloom {in the spring}. |

7. Metals include iron (DO), gold (DO), copper (DO), silver (DO), and 

zinc (DO). |

8. The children enjoyed ice cream (DO), cake (DO), and candy (DO). |

9. The early settlers hunted buffalo (DO), deer (DO), elk (DO), and bear (DO). |

10. The United States imports rubber (DO), coffee (DO), silk (DO),

tea (DO), and tin (DO). |

11. Chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks are raised (P) {in our country}. |

12. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote the gospels (DO). |