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(Code and Color Key)

Quotation Marks (#1)
Adapted from
Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. [DO "*You* Don't give up the ship,"] said Captain Lawrence. | [#1]

2. [DO "We have a new flag (DO) {for our school},"] said Mary Alice. | [#1]

3. " [DO *You* Wait {for us},"] called James, | [#1] "and we shall go {with you}." |

4. Mother whispered, [DO "The baby is asleep."] |

5. "Yes," (DO) replied the general. |

6. "Gold," [ [#1] said the teacher,] "was discovered (P) {in California} {in 1848}." |

7. [DO " *You* "Try it (DO) again,"] coaxed the boy. | [#1]

8. "Your books," [ [#1] remarked the girl,] "are {in the briefcase}." |

9. Benjamin Franklin said, [DO "A word {to the wise} is sufficient (PA)."] |

10. [DO " *You* "Please deliver this package (DO) today,"] requested

the customer. |

1. Alternatively, the "don't give up" clause can be considered the main clause, and the "said" clause can be explained as an interjection. See KISS Level 3.2.3 - Interjection? Or Direct Object?