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Lady Sewing 
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Common and Proper Nouns
Ex. # 3, Adapted from
Voyages in English - Fifth Year
by Rev. Paul E. Campbell 
and Sister Mary Donatus MacNickle

Directions:  In the following sentences, write "C" over each common noun and "P" above each proper noun.

1. Weeds grow rapidly in rainy weather.

2. The United States built the Panama Canal.

3. Gertrude plays the piano.

4. In March, the rain caused a flood in Mississippi.

5. Andrew washed Rex.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to France.

7. Mexico produces silver.

8. Cinderella wore glass slippers to the Prince's ball.

9. Sam and Sarah live in Albany, New York.

10. The French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted Lady Sewing.