The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
(Code and Color Key)

Fill in the Blanks with Interesting Words
Adapted from
Voyages in English - Fifth Year (#3) 
Analysis of the Original Sentences

1. The long train rumbled noisily {into the tiny station}. |

2. Rita and I chatted constantly {about the exciting incidents} {of our trip} 

{to France}. |

3. An old man hobbled weakly {up the steep steps} {of the beautiful church}. |

4. Robert fell {from the steep roof} and seriously fractured his left arm (DO). |

5. The thunderous roar clearly announced the approach (DO) {of a violent storm}. |

6. The big old carriage noisily bumped {along the rocky road}. |

7. The worried doctor rushed anxiously {to the dying child}. |

8. Towering skyscrapers closely lined both sides (DO) {of the narrow street}. |

9. The fresh green foliage swayed slowly {in the soft summer breeze}. [#1] |

10. A bold fireman burst boldly {into the burning building}. [#1] |

1. Note the alliteration.