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(Code and Color Key)

A Study in the Punctuation of Direct Address
Adapted from Voyages in English - Fifth Year
Analysis Key

1. All right [Inj], Dorothy! [DirA] I will answer the bell (DO). |

2. Francis, [DirA] *you* name some (DO) {of the articles} made [#1] {from iron}. |

3. This cotton, Alice, [DirA] came {from Texas}. |

4. Josephine,  [DirA] who invented the phonograph (DO)? |

5. Regina, [DirA] what is the capital (PN) {of the United States}? |

6. I wish you (IO) a happy birthday (DO), Mother [DirA]. |

7. Many oysters are caught (P) {in Chesapeake Bay}, Geraldine [DirA]. |

8. Martin, [DirA] *you* please [#2] go {to the store} {for me}. |

9. Catherine, [DirA] what are the four points (PN) {of the compass}? |

10. I beg your pardon (DO), Mr. Joyce [DirA]. |

1. "Made" is a verbal (gerundive) that modifies "articles."
2. "Please" is an idiomatic reduction of "If it pleases you." That clause would function as an adverb, so the easiest explanation here is to consider "please" an adverb.