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The KISS Grammar Tom Swifties Collection

A Focus on Helping Verbs
Exercise # 1

1. “I’m still looking for my beagle,” Tom said doggedly.

2. “Does anyone have a hammer?” asked Tom strikingly.
3. “I do too have Jedi powers!” Tom said forcefully.
4. “We must go to the back of the ship,” Tom said sternly.
5. “I still haven't struck oil,” said Tom boringly.

6. “I can't be bothered,” said Tom carelessly.

7. “I don't work here on a regular basis,” said Tom casually.

8. “Would you like some soda?” asked Tom caustically.

9. “I'll have to dig another ditch around that castle,” Tom sighed, remotely.

10. “I keep banging my head on things,” Tom said, bashfully.