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(Code and Color Key)
The KISS Grammar Tom Swifties Collection

A Focus on Helping Verbs
Exercise # 1
Analysis Key

     Note that, by their very nature, "Tom Swifties" involve the alternative explanations of clauses as direct objects, or interjections

1. “I’m still looking {for my beagle}[Inj Tom said doggedly]. |

2. “Does anyone have a hammer (DO)[Inj asked Tom strikingly]. |
3. “I do too have Jedi powers (DO)[Inj Tom said forcefully]. |
4. “We must go {to the back} {of the ship}[Inj Tom said sternly]. |

5. “I still haven't struck oil (DO)[Inj said Tom boringly]. |

6. “I can't be bothered (P)[Inj said Tom carelessly]. |

7. “I don't work here {on a regular basis}[Inj said Tom casually]. |

8. “Would you like some soda (DO)[Inj said Tom caustically]. |

9. “I'll have to dig another ditch (DO) {around that castle}[Inj Tom sighed, remotely]. |

10. “I keep banging my head (DO) {on things}[Inj Tom said, bashfully]. |