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The KISS Grammar Tom Swifties Collection
A Focus on Punctuation
Exercise # 1
Analysis Key

     Note that, by their very nature, "Tom Swifties" involve the alternative explanations of clauses as direct objects, or interjections

1. I'm the butcher's assistant (PN), [Inj said Tom cuttingly]. |

2. It's homemade soup (PN), [Inj said Tom uncannily]. |

3. I'm testing this boomerang (DO), [Inj said Tom triflingly]. |

4. I'm shocked (P), [Inj said Tom electrically]. |

5. It's my maid's night (PN) off [#1], [Inj said Tom helplessly]. |

1. "Off" is a preposition with its object ("work") ellipsed. The ellipsed phrase modifies "night."