The KISS Grammar Printable Workbooks The KISS Grammar Anthology
Person, Number, Case, and Tense
From Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson
1. Over each pronoun and possessive adjective, write its person, number, and case. Draw an arrow to the antecedent of each. 
2. Over each verb, write its tense (Present, Past, Future).

1. "I hear a voice," said he, "a young voice. Will you give me your hand,

my kind young friend, and lead me in?"

2. "Livesey," said the squire, "you will give up this wretched practice at 

once. Tomorrow I start for Bristol."

3. Terrified as I was, I could not help thinking to myself that this must 

have been how Mr. Arrow got the strong waters that destroyed him.

4. "Well, there's my boat, that I made with my two hands. I keep her 

under the white rock."

5.     "Will any kind friend inform a poor blind man, who has lost the

precious sight of his eyes in the gracious defence of his native country, 

England -- and God bless King George! -- where or in what part of this 

country he may now be?"

     "You are at the Admiral Benbow, Black Hill Cove, my good man," said I.