The KISS Grammar Printable Workbooks The KISS Grammar Anthology

Illustration by
Walter Paget
Delayed Sentences
The Master of Ballantrae
Robert Louis Stevenson
1. Put parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase. 
2. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements (“PN,” “PA,” “IO,” “DO”). 
3. Place brackets around each subordinate clause. If the clause functions as a noun, label its function (PN, IO, DO, OP) above the opening bracket. If it functions as an adjective or adverb, draw an arrow from the opening bracket to the word that the clause modifies.
4. Put a vertical line at the end of every main clause.
5. Put a box around every gerund and gerundive. If it is a gerund indicate its function over the box. If it is a gerundive, draw an arrow to the word it modifies. 
6. Put an oval around every infinitive and indicate (as in three above) its function.
7. Put a wavy line under each noun absolute and label its function. 

1. It was during this time that I perceived most clearly the effect of manner,

and was led to lament most deeply the plainness of my own.

2. He had some design of a fortune in the French Indies, as the Chevalier 

wrote me; and it was the sum required for this that he came seeking.

3. It was to this temper that he owed the felicity of his later days.

4. It chanced that Mrs. Henry was that day ailing and querulous.

5. It would be Alexander he was seeking, and my lady knew it well.