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(Code and Color Key)

Clauses as Delayed Subjects
from The Master of Ballantrae by Robert Louis Stevenson
Analysis Key

1. It will seem even strange (PA) {to you} [ [#1] that I should love him (DO)]. |

That I should love him will seem even strange to you.
2. It's one (PN) {of the remarks} [Adj. to "remarks" that fall to be made (P) [#2] 

{upon our escape}], [ [#1] how [#3] providentially our steps were conducted (P) {to

the very end}]. |

How providentially our steps were conducted to the very end is one of the remarks that fall to be made upon our escape.
3.  It came {upon me} {in a kind} {of vision} [ [#1] how hugely I had overrated the 

man's subtlety (DO)]. |

How hugely I had overrated the man's subtlety came upon me in a kind of vision.
4. It will be gathered (P) {from so much familiar talk}, and {*from* so much patience} {on

both sides}, [ [#1] that we now lived together {upon excellent terms}]. |

That we now lived together upon excellent terms will be gathered from so much familiar talk, and so much patience on both sides.
5. We laboured all day [NuA], | and it is doubtful (PA) [ [#1] if we made two 

miles [#4] ]. |

We laboured all day, and if we made two miles is doubtful.

1. Delayed Subject. See KISS Level 5.6 - Delayed Subjects and Sentences.
2. The quick way of looking at "fall to be made" is to consider it the equal of "should be made" or "must be made." Figuratively speaking, we could go further. Remarks, in a sense, fall from our mouths, regularly. This verb phrase suggests that some fall, "to be made upon our escape." Thus the "to be made" can be considered an infinitive that functions as adverb of result.
3. This "how" functions simultaneously as a subordinating conjunction and as an adverb to "providentially."
4. "Made" here means "traveled," so "two miles" indicates how far they went. Thus "miles" is a noun used as an adverb.