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"Dear John" -- The Importance of Correct Punctuation

Exercise. V1 AK V2 AK  Grade 6 - 11; IG9 L1.7

     The two versions of this "Dear John" letter were sent to me among a group of jokes as an e-mail. If anyone can tell me who the author is, I will appreciate it, both so I can give credit and check on copyright. (Since this is a non-profit, educational site, I am assuming that I can post them until there is a legal reason not to.) As the directions for the punctuation exercise indicate, the same letter can be punctuated in two different ways to create two entirely different messages. As a result, this letter should convince students that punctuation is important more forcefully than any exhortations from teachers possibly can.
    Perhaps the best way to use this material is to have students do the punctuation exercise and have them discuss the results in class. Then, if teachers wish, they can use the two versions as identification exercises.

This border is adapted from an animated GIF
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