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Ten Sentences from Seventh Graders' Writing

    Directions: Combine the sentences in bold type by using dashes, colons, and/or semicolons. Above each punctuation mark, indicate your reason for using it by writing "amplification (informal)" for dashes, "amplification (formal)" for colons, or "contrast" for semicolons.

1. It sounded just like our front door does when you try to open it. It screeched.

2. My brother Eddie is very special to me. He takes me places and does things with me.

3. We look almost like sisters. We both have brown eyes and brown hair.

4. These dogs are very loving dogs. They really make nice pets for children.

5. Sally use to date my brother Bill. They went together and broke up so many times that it isn't funny.

6. After a while people went to their tents and got in their sleeping bags.  Most of them didn't go to sleep. They talked for about two hours.

7. He looks cute when he smiles, because he had dimples in his cheeks. He is not fat. He is real slim.

8. He has got a great batting average. He is hitting a lot of home runs.

9. Of course we can't say we are twins, because of an age difference. She's 20. I'm 13.

10. I was scared and embarrassed. I was embarrassed because I was wearing a short T-shirt. I was scared because I didn't know what happened.