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(Code and Color Key)

Learn a Second Language
Analysis Key

     A family {of mice} was surprised (P) {by a big cat}. | Father Mouse  jumped

up and said, "Bow-wow!" (DO) | The cat ran away. |

     [DO of "asked" [#1] "What was that (PN), Father [DirA] ?"] asked Baby Mouse. |

     "Well [Inj], son [DirA], that's [PN to "that's" why it's important to learn [#2]

second language."] |

1. See also "Direct Object or Interjection?"
2. Even students who do not know that "to learn" is an infinitive will probably be able to figure out, if they have studied delayed subjects, that this is one -- "to learn a second language is important." "Language," of course, is the direct object of the infinitive "to learn."