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KISS Grammar Famous (or Interesting) Quotations

Compound Main Clauses - Ex # 1
Analysis Key

1. You've got to have the blocking (DO) | or you can't gain the yards (DO). |

- Joe Perry
2. Some are born (P) great [#1], | some achieve greatness (DO), | and some hire public relations officers (DO). |
- Daniel J. Boorstin
3. Knowledge speaks, | but wisdom listens. |
- Jimi Hendrix
4. Books are good (PA) enough {in their own way}, | but they are a poor substitute (PN) {for life}. |
- Robert Louis Stevenson
5. Nothing {out of its place} is good (PA) | [#2] and nothing {in its place} is bad (PA). |
- Walt Whitman
6. People have declaimed {against luxury} {for 2,000 years}, {in verse} and {in prose}, |

and people have always delighted {in it}. |

- Voltaire

1. "Great" is a retained predicate adjective after the passive "are born," but until students get a fair grasp of passive voice and retained complements, I would accept "predicate adjective" as an explanation for it.
2. Note that there is no comma. Since this was taken from a web site of quotations, I'm not positive that the comma was not in the original, but many writers skip the comma in joining main clauses. (This question could make a good "research" project for seventh graders.)