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KISS Grammar

Grade 7

Exercises Based on Famous (or Interesting) Quotations

Compound Main Clauses

Exercise # 1 ("And," "or," "but," with and without a comma) AK - L6.1
Exercise # 2 (The Logic of Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes) AK  G6; 1YM L3.1.1. CMC Logic

Level One Subordinate Clauses

Adjectival Clauses
Adjectival  Clauses - Ex # 1 - Restrictive AK - L3.1.2
Mid-Branching Adjectival Clauses - Ex 1 - Restrictive AK G6 L3.1.2
Adverbial Clauses
Adverbial  Clauses - Ex # 1 AK G7 L3.1.2 Sub Cl Adv
Noun Clauses
Noun Clauses - Ex # 1 (as Direct Objects) AK G10 L3.1.2. SC
Noun Clauses - Ex # 2 (as Predicate Nouns) AK G7 L3.1.2. SC
Noun Clauses - Ex # 3 (as Subjects) AK G6 L3.1.2. SC
Mixed Clauses
Ex # 1 (Quotations about Time) AK G7 L3.1.2. SC Mix
Semi-Reduced Clauses
Ex # 1 AK G7: IG5 L3.2.1 SemiR

Level Two Subordinate Clauses
(Subordinate Clauses within Subordinate Clauses)

Exercise # 1(Relatively easy) AK G7 L3.1.3 SC Embed