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(Code and Color Key)

  Aesop's "The Ass in the Lion's Skin"
(Caldecott Translation)
Analysis Key

     An Ass [Adj. to "Ass" who had dressed himself (DO) up {in a Lion's skin}]

was mistaken (P) {by everybody} {for a lion}, | and there was a stampede (PN) {of 

both herds and men}. | But presently the skin was whisked (P) off {by a gust} {of 

wind}, | and the Ass stood exposed (P); | and then the men all [#1] charged {at 

him}, and {with sticks and cudgels} gave him (IO) a sound drubbing (DO). |

1. The only word that has not been explained is "all." It can be considered as either an adjective to "men" or as an appositive to it.