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Sentence-Combining Exercise 

Directions: Read the passage all the way through. You will notice that the sentences are short and choppy. Study the passage, and then rewrite it in a better way. You may combine sentences, change the order of words, and omit words that are repeated too many times. But try not to leave out any of the information. 

The Ass in the Lion's Skin 
Aesop's Fables

     An Ass put on the Lion's skin. He then roamed about. 

He went in the forest. He amused himself. He frightened all

the animals. The animals were foolish. The Ass met them in

his wanderings.  At last he came upon a Fox. He tried to 

frighten him also. But the Fox heard the sound of his voice.

The Fox then immediately exclaimed, "I might possibly 

have been frightened myself. But I heard your bray."