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Aesop's Fables
The Fox and the Lion
Analysis Key

     [Adv. to "was frightened" When a Fox [Adj. to "fox" who had never yet

seen a Lion (DO)], fell in {with him} {by chance} {for the first time} {in the forest}]

he was so frightened (P) [Adv. to "so" that he nearly died {with fear}. | {On 

meeting him [#1]} {for the second time}, he was still much alarmed (P), but [#2

not {to the same extent} as {at first}. | {On seeing him [#3]} the third time [NuA], he

so increased {in boldness} [Adv. to "so" that he went {up to him} and 

commenced a familiar conversation (DO) {with him} [#4] ]. |

     Acquaintance softens prejudices (DO). |

1. "Him" is the direct object of the gerund "meeting," which functions as the object of the preposition "On."
2. There is a lot of ellipsis here -- "but *he was* not *alarmed* to the same extent [as *he was alarmed* at first.]"  Don't expect students to get this until after they have had a fair amount of experience with clauses. Since the verbs are ellipsed, I do not mark these as separate clauses.
3. "Him" is the direct object of the gerund "seeing." Note that the phrase "the third time" is technically embedded within the prepositional phrase because it modifies "seeing."
4. Alternatively, "with him" can be explained as an adjective to "conversation."