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from Carrie's War by Nina Bawden # 3
(1973 Victor Gollancz London pages 124 - 125.)

     Carrie’s head seemed to spin like a top. So many thoughts twisting

round, it made her quite giddy. Tired, too: she lay awake at night, 

thinking, and came down several mornings so pale that Auntie Lou 

wanted to go to the chemist and buy her a tonic.

     “Waste of good money,” Mr Evans said. “Stewing indoors, that’s 

the trouble. Bit of exercise and fresh air, that’s all you need, girl! Get 

your bowels moving . . .“ Speaking crossly and rudely although Carrie 

had only been stewing indoors because she had been helping him in 

the shop! His unfairness gave her something else to brood over. Mr 

Evans was unfair. Life was unfair. Poor Hepzibah and poor Mister 

Johnny. Poor Carrie and Nick, having to live here with this rude, 

unfair man for the rest of the war. For the rest of their lives, 

probably . . .