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Bending the Rules (Punctuation)

Exercise # 1 - Missing Commas?
From the "Introduction" by Irwin Edman to "Justin Martyr, Christian"

in Marcus Aurelius and His Times. Roslyn, N.Y.: Walter J. Black, Inc. 1945. p. 241. (Published for the Classics Club)
Punctuation ID Exercise AK & Notes -  L6.1
There are several introductions in this book, but the title page simply says "With an Introduction by Irwin Edman." Since this introduction is not specifically attributed to anyone else, I assume he wrote it also. I strongly suggest having the students do the punctuation version of the exercise. (They can analyze it at the same time.) Once they have determined how they think the passage should be punctuated, they can consider, and the class can discuss, Edman's version. Note that part of the purpose of this exercise is to show students that even respected published writers may have problems with punctuation. I would point out that this is from a book published for the Classics Club.