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MIMC: One Set of Sentences Yields Two Paragraphs
Itís a Dogís Life!
Contributed by Andrew Sitzmann, 8th Grade, Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, NE

1. Each sentence below contains two or three Main Clauses. 
2. One clause relates to Topic Sentence A; the other relates to Topic  Sentence B.  Mark which topic each clause relates toóA or B. 
3. Choose either Topic A or B.
4. Change each sentence so that the clause (or clauses) related to your chosen topic is the Main Clause(s). 
5. Make the other clause (or clauses) Subordinate.  Use a variety of subordinate conjunctions. [after, although, as, because, before, if, since, when, where, while, that, what, who, how,  why, which, until, whenever, wherever, whatever, whoever, whichever, whether, for, so]
6. If your choices are correct, this one set of sentences will yield two different paragraphs!


A. Even though dogs are fun to have around, they are a lot of work.

B. While dogs are a lot of work, theyíre also fun to have around.


1. Itís absolutely wonderful to get a new puppy, but puppies have sharp teeth, and they like to bite.

2. After time, they donít make messes on the carpet, but before that, you have to train them not to.

3. Itís fun to show off your dogís tricks, but many dogs will only do tricks when theyíre in the mood.

4. Itís always nice to get outside and walk your dog, but it will usually go to the bathroom in your neighborís yard, and you have to pick it up.

5. Itís hard to teach an older dog new things, but itís great to get an older dog thatís already trained.

6. Itís nice to have a guard dog; some dogs are nasty to the intruders and even the owners taking care of them. 

7. Dogsí lives arenít as long as ours, and itís hard to get over losing a dog, but dogs are great friends.