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MIMC: One Set of Sentences
Yields Two Paragraphs

1. Each sentence below contains two or three Main Clauses. 
2. One clause relates to Topic Sentence A; the other relates to Topic  Sentence B.  Mark which topic each clause relates toA or B. 
3. Choose either Topic A or B.
4. Change each sentence so that the clause (or clauses) related to your chosen topic is the Main Clause(s). 
5. Make the other clause (or clauses) Subordinate.  Use a variety of subordinate conjunctions. [after, although, as, because, before, if, since, when, where, while, that, what, who, how,  why, which, until, whenever, wherever, whatever, whoever, whichever, whether, for, so]
6. If your choices are correct, this one set of sentences will yield two different paragraphs!

A. In spite of her many problems, Alicia won the contest for Prom Queen.
B. Alicia, who won the contest for Prom Queen, had to overcome many problems.


1. Her boyfriend, Ralph, had lots of influence as the captain of the football team, and he almost missed the deadline for nominating her.

2. All of his teammates promised to vote for Alicia, and most of them did; but some of them never got around to voting at all.

3. The basketball players originally supported one of Alicia's rivals; they eventually gave their votes to Alicia.

4. Alicia had trouble raising enough money for her campaign, so her sorority sisters came to her rescue.

5. Trudy was Alicia's campaign manager, and she did a terrific job; however, she came down with the flu halfway through the campaign.

6. The ballots were counted and re-counted; they clearly gave Alicia the title of Prom Queen.

7. Alicia experienced many trying times, and she finally became the new Queen.

This exercise has been adapted from Wanda Van Goor's presentation at the Fifth Annual Conference of the NCTE Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar, August 12 & 13, 1994. Illinois State University, Normal, IL. Ms. Van Goor teaches at Prince George's Community College, Largo, MD.