The KISS Grammar Workbooks Return to Ouida

Bending the Rules
From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida

1. He stayed there until all was quite still and dark, then he and 

Patrasche went within and slept together, long and deeply, side by side.

2. It could be no harm, he thought, if he gave her his little piece of 

treasure-trove, they had been play-fellows so long.

3. The miller stood and looked at the portrait with tears in his eyes, it was 

so strangely like, and he loved his only child closely and well.

4. Ere either woman or dog knew what he meant he had stooped and 

kissed Patrasche: then closed the door hurriedly, and disappeared in the

gloom of the fast-falling night.

5. The great tears stood in his brown, sad eyes: not for himself for 

himself he was happy.

6. That night, after they reached the hut, snow fell; and fell for 

very many days after that, so that the paths and the divisions in the

fields were all obliterated, and all the smaller streams were frozen 

over, and the cold was intense upon the plains.