The KISS Grammar Workbooks Return to Ouida
A Study in Punctuation for Meaning and Style

From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida

Directions: After you analyze these sentences, be prepared to explain how Ouida used the semicolon, colon,  and dash.

1. Though he was often very hungry indeed when he lay down at night; 

though he had to work in the heats of summer noons and the rasping chills

of winter dawns; though his feet were often tender with wounds from the 

sharp edges of the jagged pavement; though he had to perform tasks beyond

his strength and against his nature, yet he was grateful and content: he 

did his duty with each day, and the eyes that he loved smiled down on him. 

It was sufficient for Patrasche.

2. And on their return Patrasche would shake himself free of his harness 

with a bay of glee, and Nello would recount with pride the doings of the day;

and they would all go in together to their meal of rye bread and milk or soup,

and would see the shadows lengthen over the great plain, and see the twilight

veil the fair cathedral spire; and then lie down together to sleep peacefully 

while the old man said a prayer.