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(Code and Color Key)

Compound Main Clauses
From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida
Analysis Key

1.) The day had yet scarce more than [#1] dawned, | most {of the shutters} 

were still closed (PA) [#2], | but some {of the villagers} were about. |

2.) The old man could ill contrive to support (DO) [#3] himself, | but

he took up the additional burden (DO) uncomplainingly, | and it soon

became welcome (PA) and precious (PA) {to him}. |

3.) {In winter} it was hard (PA), | and the snow numbed the little white

limbs (DO) {of Nello}, | and the icicles cut the brave, untiring feet (DO)

{of Patrasche}. |

4.)  He suffered a great deal [NuA] [#4] sometimes {from frost, and the terrible

roads, and the rheumatic pains} {of his limbs}, | but he only drew his breath (DO)

hard and bent his stout neck (DO), and trod onward {with steady patience}. |

5.) {In winter} the winds found many holes (DO) {in the walls} {of the poor

little hut}, | and the vine was black (PA) and leafless (PA), | and the bare 

lands looked very bleak (PA) and drear (PA) without, | and sometimes 

within the floor was flooded (P)  and then frozen (P). |

6.) Little Alois was often {with Nello and Patrasche}. | They played {in the

fields}, | they ran {in the snow}, | they gathered the daisies (DO) and

bilberries (DO), | they went up {to the old gray church} together, | and 

they often sat together {by the broad wood-fire} {in the mill-house}. |

7.) No one really credited the miller's absurd suspicion (DO), nor the

outrageous accusations (DO) born [#5] {of them}, | but the people were

all very poor (PA) and very ignorant (PA), | and the one rich man {of the

place} had pronounced {against him}. |

8.) A mist obscured Nello's sight (DO), | his head swam, | his limbs 

almost failed him (DO). |

1. Technically, one could get caught up in a lengthy discussion here, much of which would involve ellipsis -- The day had yet *done* scarce*ly* more than *it had* dawned." It would be a lengthy discussion because grammarians have different ways of describing what is involved here.
2. Depending on how one interprets this, "closed" could alternately be explained as part of the finite passive verb. See "Sliding Constructions."
3. "To support" is an infinitive that functions as the direct object; "himself" is the direct object of the infinitive.
4. I would also accept "deal" as the direct object of "suffered," should a student see it that way. (Essentially, it depends on whether one sees "a great deal" as answering the question "Suffered What?" or "Suffered how much?")
5. "Born" is a gerundive that modifies "accusations."