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Exercise # 3 on Compound Main Clauses
From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida
Analysis Key

     Now, the cabin was lowly (PA) enough, and {in some sense} miserable (PA)

enough, | and yet their hearts clove {to it} {with a great affection}. | They had been so

happy (PA) there, | and {in the summer}, {with its clambering vine and its flowering beans}

it was so pretty (PA) and bright (PA) {in the midst} {of the sun-lighted fields}! | Their

life {in it} had been full (PA) {of labor and privation}, | and yet they had been so 

well content (PA), so gay (PA) {of heart}, running [#1] together to meet the old man's

never-failing smile [#2] {of welcome}! |

1. "Running" is a gerundive that modifies "they."
2. "Smile" is the direct object of the infinitive "to meet." The infinitive functions as an adverb to "running."