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Directions Compound Main Clauses (IM)

Exercise # 4 on Compound Main Clauses
From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida

1.) The snow was falling fast: a keen hurricane blew from the north:

it was bitter as death on the plains.

2.) The woman and the child stood speechless with joy and fear: 

Patrasche vainly spent the fury of his anguish against the iron-bound

oak of the barred house-door.

3.) The miller pressed her in his arms: his hard, sun-burned face

was very pale and his mouth trembled.

4.) Her father bent his head gravely: "Ay, ay: let the dog have the

best;" for the stern old man was moved and shaken to his heart's depths.

5.) Snow had fallen freshly all the evening long; it was now nearly ten;

the trail of the boy's footsteps was almost obliterated.