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Directions Compound Main Clauses (IM)

Exercise # 5 on Compound Main Clauses
From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida

1.) The color died out of the face of the young Ardennois: he lifted his

head and put his hands behind his back.

2.) He said nothing to any one: his grandfather would not have

understood, and little Alois was lost to him. 

3.) There was a shed with a sloping roof beneath her casement: he

climbed it and tapped softly at the lattice: there was a little light within.

4.) The merry Flemish bells jingled everywhere on the horses; 

everywhere within doors some well-filled soup-pot sang and smoked

over the stove; and everywhere over the snow without laughing 

maidens pattered in bright kerchiefs and stout kirtles, going to and

from the mass.

5.) He had long been half dead, incapable of any movement except a

feeble gesture, and powerless for anything beyond a gentle word; and

yet his loss fell on them both with a great horror in it: they mourned

him passionately.