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(Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 5 on Compound Main Clauses
From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida
Analysis Key

1.) The color died {out of the face} {of the young Ardennois}: | he lifted his head (DO)

and put his hands (DO) {behind his back}. |

2.) He said nothing (DO) {to any one}: | his grandfather would not have

understood, | and little Alois was lost (PA) {to him}. |

3.) There [#1] was a shed (PN) {with a sloping roof} {beneath her casement}: | he

climbed it (DO) and tapped softly {at the lattice}: | there was a little light (PN) within. |

4.) The merry Flemish bells jingled everywhere {on the horses}; | everywhere {within 

doors} some well-filled soup-pot sang and smoked {over the stove}; | and everywhere

{over the snow without [#2]} laughing maidens pattered {in bright kerchiefs and stout kirtles},

going [#3] {to and from the mass}. |

5.) He had long been half dead (PA), incapable (PA) {of any movement} {except a

feeble gesture}, and powerless (PA) {for anything} {beyond a gentle word}; | and yet his

loss fell {on them both} {with a great horror} {in it}: | they mourned him (DO) passionately. |

1. See also "Expletives"
2. "Without" here functions as an adjective to "snow." Consider it the remnant of an ellipsed clause -- "snow *that was* without."
3. "Going" is a gerundive that modifies "maidens."