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(Code and Color Key)

Delayed Subjects - From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida
Analysis Key

1. It took Patrasche (DO) long to discover [DelSubj] any scent [#1]. |

2. It took them (DO) long to traverse [DelSubj] the familiar path [#2], | and the bells

were sounding four (DO) {of the clock} [Adv. to "were sounding" as they

approached the hamlet (DO)]. |

3. Jehan Daas resisted long, [Adv. to "long" for the old man was one (PN) {of 

those} [Adj. to "those" who thought it [#3] a foul shame to bind dogs [#3] {to labor}

[Adj. to "labor" {for which} Nature never formed them (DO)]]]. |

4. A few years [NuA] later, old Jehan Daas, [Adj. to "Jehan Daas" who had always

been a cripple (PN)], became so paralyzed (P) {with rheumatism} [Adv. to "so" that

it was impossible (PA) {for him} to go [DelSubj] out {with the cart} any more [NuA] ]. |

5. Now [Adv. to "Now" that he had left it (DO) there], it seemed {to him} so

hazardous (PA), so vain (PA), so foolish (PA), to dream [DelSubj] [DO of "to 

dream" that he, a little lad [App] {with bare feet}, [Adj. to "lad" who barely knew his

letters (DO)], could do anything (DO) [Adj. to "anything" {at which} great

painters, real artists [App], could ever deign to look [#4] ]]. |

1. "Scent" is the direct object of the infinitive "to discover."
2. "Path" is the direct object of the infinitive "to traverse."
3. "Dogs" is the direct object of the infinitive "to bind," which is a delayed subject to the preceding "it." That "it" is the subject of an ellipsed infinitive (*to be*),  and "shame" is a predicate noun after that infinitive -- to bind dogs *is* a foul shame.
4. The infinitive "to look" functions as the direct object of "could deign." Note that the "at which" functions both as the subordinating "conjunction" and as an adverb to "to look."