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Exercise # 3 on Subordinate Clauses as Delayed Subjects or Sentences
From A Dog of Flanders by Ouida
Analysis Key

Nevertheless, the miller said the brutal thing (DO) openly {to many} {of his neighbors} {in

the day} [Adj. to "day" that followed]; | and [Adv. to "got bruited" though no serious

charge was ever preferred (P) {against the lad}], it got bruited (P) about [Del Subj 

that Nello had been seen (P) {in the mill-yard} {after dark} {on some unspoken errand}]

and [Del Subj that he bore Baas Cogez (IO) a grudge (DO) {for forbidding his

intercourse [#1]} {with little Alois}]; | and so the hamlet, [Adj. to "hamlet" which

followed the sayings (DO) {of its richest landowner} servilely], and [Adj. to "hamlet"

whose families all hoped to secure (DO) the riches [#2] {of Alois} {in some future

time} {for their sons}], took the hint (DO) to give grave looks [#3] and cold words [#3]

{to old Jehan Daas' grandson}. |

1. "Intercourse" is the direct object of "forbidding" which is a gerund that functions as the object of the preposition.
2. "Riches" is the direct object of the infinitive "to secure." The infinitive functions as the direct object of "hoped." Before students have studied infinitives, I would accept "hoped to secure" as the finite verb.
3. "Looks" and "words" are direct objects of the infinitive "to give" which functions as an adjective to "hint."